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VPS questions

30-01-2015, 20:42
Dear gentlemen,

First of all i'm a very happy customer from ovh, great service.

But now when i have my own VPS i got some problems
I host a teamspeak 3 server on and normal i have a ping(ms) 14ms to 20m but sometimes (it hapens a lot ) i see my ping(ms) to my server going up to 100 - 600ms , my friends having same problem they from BE,NL,FRA amd GER.
it started afther a week i purchased my server

I contacted the support=>


Thanks for your email.

When I watch our network, the corresponding connection is not overloaded. However, if I do a meter to the IP address, then seems to be the biggest package loss on the peering router OVH:

Sincerely, Support

Can someone help me futher pls?

regards Glen