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Hyper-V 2012 R2 Documentation

31-01-2015, 23:04
Well, you said it yourself!

as I've installed Windows...
Windows Hyper-V may have the word Windows in the name, but it is not an OS!! It is a hypervisor. Google the difference between Windows Server and Windows Hyper-V.

To get Windows, you will need to add a SPLA licence or rent once from OVH. Then you can automatically install Windows....

30-01-2015, 21:33

I am trying to setup hyper-v 2012 R2 on my SYS server. I received the standard e-mail after installation, and the only useful information in it was how to remotely access my server using SSH. I'm not exactly sure how this applies to my situation, as I've installed Windows...what I need is documentation. It's almost like its purposefully hidden to encourage frustration. I looked in the forum, didn't see anything about starting from square one. Can some one please help me out here?