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Ordering IPs. Justification

02-02-2015, 16:04

Your account is registered with SYS FR, please contact SYS FR for the IP justification.

The NIC handle of gm215317-sys‏ doesn't appear to be valid. Can you confirm this?


01-02-2015, 22:16
I have the same problem. They do not even answer!
We established contact with whom about it?
my nichandle:gm215317-sys‏
please help we.

31-01-2015, 12:25
Hello I want to order IPs for my dedicated server, but I get message to contact you to verify for what I use the IPs.
Your ticket system is not working properly and I cant contact you. I have sent you an email from your website.
I use the IPs for private webhosting. Please allow me to order IPs.

Nichandle: cz7602-sys