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Proxmox Resuce Mode

31-01-2015, 19:20
In rescue mode you can do
parted -l
to list all partitions, then mount the root partition somewhere. (The default root partion on a server with softraid is /dev/md2) The file on the root partition you want to change to disable the firewall from activating at startup is /etc/default/pve-firewall Edit that file and change to START_FIREWALL=no

31-01-2015, 17:22

You can mount your drive by using this guide

31-01-2015, 16:03
I mucked up my proxmox install and activated the firewall which locked me out of the proxmox CP. I have booted in rescue mode but i can't seem to find the partition i need to mount in order to go into the proxmox config files in order to turn off the firewall. I can find the partition with the templates, snapshots and such in (The storage pool) but i can't find the one with the actual proxmox settings.

Any help?