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Thinking of OVH as your hosting? Don't even try!

03-02-2015, 19:54

No need any more. We've sorted this out with Amin over the phone and he activated the account for 5 more days so that we could proceed with the verification process.

Just consider it as a feedback of my bad experience with your service. I can understand suspension if we didn't pay, but we paid. You just didn't accept this payment in full for your own reasons and suspended the account.

Thank you.

03-02-2015, 17:27

Can you provide me with your NIC, I will check this for you.


03-02-2015, 16:47
The price for the dedicated hosting is competitive, but the lack of support and their approach to customers is just amazing. That's the worst service I've ever experienced.

They suspended my LIVE server due to the fact that they need some kind of verification of my identity, whereas, I've been a customer of theirs for more than 6 months and paid using the same credit card, and, furthermore, already provided them with all the documents.

I'm not against of verifications since I know that it'd done for security reasons. BUT why the hell are you suspending my account during this procedure?? That is insane. Let it go simultaneously!

Guys, do not use their service unless suspending your LIVE server for no reason is OK with you.

I've tried to contact them via my account/twitter/helpdesk, but they do not reply.

Extremely awful service.