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Anti ddos ( layer 7 ) script

04-02-2015, 10:24
Good Morning

I'm sorry if I bother you with my link, but I would like to share my script which can help people.

My forums get a lot of attack I decided to make a script to block any attack on web server.

I want to share this script with all people who meet the same problem.

Here is the link to the script

Several sites are in test, if you want, you can also test

More and more people ask me our protection of our web site, i was able to modify the scripts for anyone who uses our protection, without the source code.

5 sites are in beta testing, if you also want to test this protection, simply click on this link : Protected By [AR51] Protected By [AR51] Protected By [AR51] Protected By [AR51] Protected By [AR51]

Denies access of unwanted bots.
Blocks auto spam and malicious scripts.
Conserves server resources.
SEO Friendly Google has no problem indexing your website.
No database required, extremely fast.

Warning this script protect against attacks on your web server ( LAYER 7 ), not UDP attack.

Layer 7 DDoS attacks

Application-layer DDoS attacks are a bit more complicated. Layer 7 DDoS attacks are some of the most difficult attacks to mitigate against because they mimic human behavior as they interact with the user interface. A sophisticated Layer 7 DDoS attack may target specific areas of a website, making it even more difficult to separate from normal traffic. For example, some types of Layer 7 DDoS attacks will target website elements, like your logo or a button, and repeatedly download resources hoping to exhaust the server. Still another example is when an attacker targets a download on a website and proceeds to go through the process I just described above.