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cant seem to sort my site out

18-03-2008, 23:05
You can do that without adding anything, through IIS. If you plan to host domains for other then you may wish to look at installing some sort of control panel.

18-03-2008, 00:24
i got it all up and running now i need to add the thing that will allow me to host more than one site

17-03-2008, 23:23
You need to put them in a location that is accessible from the internet, having them on the desktop will not make them accessible through the web.

You need to put them in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot and then you will be able to access them using your domain name, once you've added it to your server correctly, or by using your .kimsufi.com or .ovh.net URL.

17-03-2008, 21:23
the files are on the server on desk top not sure where to put them or how to access them

17-03-2008, 21:10
What exactly are you trying to do? If the site is already uploaded to the server then it should be accessible from the internet.

17-03-2008, 20:05
i will firstly say im a newbie,

i have the site on the server ready,

im on windows server

thats it unsure what to do from here any help will be appreciated

ps not using a domain name