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Question about moving failover IPs

09-02-2015, 00:53
To follow up my own post in case this helps anyone else, by re-reading this help guide I've discovered that if I use the 'routed' configuration rather than 'bridged' then the failover ips don't use Virtual MACs (instead you need to enter 'ip route add dev vmbr1' on the proxmox host. This makes switching a failover to a different host much quicker.

08-02-2015, 16:15
I've been doing some testing today with regard to moving failover addresses between machines.

I have two SYS servers in different datacentres running Proxmox to host virtual machines. For this testing I was using a virtual machine that has a copy on each physical server with the exact same settings.

Moving a failover from one physical machine to another takes a couple of minutes or so to complete. But after moving the failover I've found that I need to delete the virtual mac associated with it and create a new one for the virtual machine associated with the IP to have network connectivity. The assignment of the new virtual mac takes about 10 minutes. (Note: I'm using a setup where the VM can automatically set its network gateway based on which physical host its running on).

Is this the way it's supposed to work or is there something I can do to make the existing virtual mac function after a failover IP is moved?