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Server rebuild

11-02-2015, 21:55
See unofficial FAQ for details. Since you are using CentOS 6.6 selinux could cause problems, if you use "enforcing".

09-02-2015, 13:30
I would also suggest setting up an SSH key in the SYS control panel for future installs, then you don't have to worry about getting emailed passwords at all.

09-02-2015, 12:07
Put your server in rescude mode. Mount your OS partition and change root password. That's it


09-02-2015, 10:23

Can someone advise me if I am doing this right (I am a server admin and work for a large hosting company, so know the practical steps that should be taken)

I tried to install something on my SYS dedicated server, it failed because other software files were non-existent/broken/etc. etc So decided to reinstall. Went through the reinstall procedure, chose the partitioning I wanted, chose Centos 6.6, set it off to reinstall (this was Sunday at about 4am UK time). Since then, it seems to have reinstalled and rebooted, but the old root password doesn't work, and no new password has been emailed to me.


a) Is there a way to find the installed root password via the dashboard (obv. if I have changed it myself, that one won't be valid )
b) How long should a reinstall take, ie is it automated/manually done?
c) After it failed, I raised a ticket, still waiting 24 hours later for an acknowledgement (ticket is still open), is there a response time for a ticket? I am happy to retry reinstalling the server, provided it can be guaranteed I will receive the new root password via email.