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Reorganisation of the Forum

10-02-2015, 15:27
ok, it's been completed now.

So now, we have:


News: latest news, new products, services, OSes,...
General discussions: as it says.
Software: discussions about software products related to OVH services .
How-To: manuals and howto guides.
Off-topic: anything else.

Web Universe

Domain names/ Web hosting / Emails
VPS: either Classic or Cloud, or any earlier version
CDN: the different products we have about it

Dedicated Universe

Dedicated servers

OVH Range: about OVH server range
SYS Range: about SoYouStart servers
Kimsufi: this redirect to the Kimsufi forum :

Dedicated Cloud: either VMWare or Microsoft based

Cloud Universe

Public Cloud: RunAbove and other older versions (PCi, PCa, and other older soluctions)

10-02-2015, 12:28
We are starting a re-organisation of the different sections of the forum.

The main sections will be as follow:

-Web Universe
-Dedicated Universe
-Cloud Universe

In an hour or so, everything will be finished