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Logging in to the router to portforward

15-02-2015, 20:00
No "port forwarding" is required, as your server will get a public IP address. That means your server will get the connections directly. Maybe you need to check your firewall, as some Linux distros come with a minimal firewall configuration which allow only remote access, but nothing else.

15-02-2015, 18:22
Hi, you will need to explain your setup. Your DPS is connected directly to the internet, so no "router" like at home is present, that would require "port forwarding". Maybe check your firewall.

15-02-2015, 17:53
Hey guys,

I was wondering, how do I log in to the router of my Dedicated Server. I want to do some portforwarding but I have no idea what the router username and password is. I hope you guys can help!

Kind Regards,