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DNS doesn't update

17-02-2015, 15:41
yeah, that was all. Thanks

17-02-2015, 10:02
It started to work, I guess it just takes time.

16-02-2015, 21:03
Now it redirects me to:

16-02-2015, 12:13
well, without being able to check the actual domain, I would say that DNS changes have the usual propagation delay. and that's all I can think o.

If you want us to look further into it, let me know you domain name

15-02-2015, 21:34
I bought a .net domain today and changed its DNS. It says that the status is active but when I try to access my domain, it displays the OVH default page with text: "Félicitations !". I didn't write any associated IPs but that worked just fine with my first domain. Could that be the problem? If yes then what IPs should I write there?