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SyS validation/VAT removal [already OVH & Kimsufi customer]

17-02-2015, 16:53

Please check:

17-02-2015, 14:24
Hello, I'd like to get my SyS account validated as well as VAT removed if possible.

email of my accounts
(Note: I made this FORUM account using my secondary email address which I listed in Kimsufi manager:

sys nichandle: pd125428-sys
ovh nichandle: pd111038-ovh (Validated & VAT removed)
kimsufi: va261291-ks (Validated & VAT removed)

* Proof that I'm owner of these accounts: // //

* To clear something out: My Kimsufi & OVH account was already validated long time ago. But in case I need to re-send my IDs just shoot me an email.