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Reverse DNS

26-02-2015, 18:53
Hi Mark,

A while back the drop down list used to show the server name and the reverse DNS, I can't send a screenshot as I never took one when it was working. I am sure a few of your colleagues will remember this feature, not sure if this being removed was on purpose or a regression.


25-02-2015, 13:14
in what section of the manager is that? I can't recofnise it by just a dropdown box.

The list of of servers on the right of your manager does show the reverse DNS. I guess you're referring to another section. It would be good to have the whole screenshot

24-02-2015, 13:59

I am referring to the reverse DNS - the control panel used to show the server name and then the reverse DNS next to it e.g. NS12056.OVH.NET - REVERSE.MYSITE.,COM

This feature seems to not be present at the moment.


23-02-2015, 18:25
if it's a problem that you cannot see the dropdown box properly, it might be a problem with your browser. I myself dealt with a customer earlier on in the support that was setting up the reverse of the IP without any problem.

Let us know more if there is any problem with our manager.

23-02-2015, 15:49
Can't understand you... What's the problem?

23-02-2015, 14:59
Hi All,

Is the reverse DNS working for anyone else?

It has been like that for over two weeks.