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Getting Refunds?

26-02-2015, 18:55

All servers are refundable, just open a ticket and ask for a refund.


26-02-2015, 05:04
What do you mean by "unauthorized" payment? You were unauthorized by your family member to use his card? Well too bad, I guess, it's done. Just refund your family member. I don't recommend to call the CC company and complain the payment and get a refund that way, since that includes high handling fees OVH will want from you. After all it was your fault. And your account will have also a bad record, which may have negative impact on future renewals.

26-02-2015, 00:39
Hey everyone,

I have been having a problem. The card I used to pay was an unauthorized payment. I forgot that I had to use my own card then so I was curious if SyS would give a refund and then after that, I will with the other source of payment. The person who owns the card who is in my family is aware but wants a refund and asked me to just pay with something else right away. Need a reply quickly

Thanks everyone!