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Proxmox DHCP - KVM auto assign IP

26-02-2015, 19:52
If you bridge your VMs directly to the OVH network(that is, having eth0 included in vmbr0), you may not get DHCP working; you may use static configuration.

However, you can use ProxyARP to put the VMs inside an isolated network(vmbr0, but without eth0). On that network, each VM can be assigned an IP address arp-proxied with eth0, without the need of a virtual mac. And, as you control that interface, you can run a DHCP server inside it. You can also control the virtual MAcs inside that interface.

26-02-2015, 18:52
Has anyone got this working? I have spoken with (WHMCS Proxmox module developer) and they told me the following

"OVH has strict way of not providing dhcp and still restrict all ip to go through broadcast and be limit by manual assign ip to mac, i have tried numerous times to find a way to get it to work but they have it set that traffic need to go through vmbr0" would normally work.