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Urgent - Dedicated Server Windows Licensing - Appalling Support

01-03-2015, 06:43
Quote Originally Posted by Neil

Is that a US/CA ticket number?
It's for a service in Roubaix through the .ie site.

27-02-2015, 13:11

Is that a US/CA ticket number?

27-02-2015, 08:36
I'm running a Windows dedicated server with Server 2012 R2, and around the 18th of January, Windows was displaying "this copy of Windows is not Genuine" messages and stating that it needs to be activated.

I lodged ticket #79204 on 18/01/2015 and OVH support haven't even made a decent attempt to fix it even now, the 27th of February - over 1 month to get absolutely no-where.

I've supplied working CopSSH details, I've supplied working Remote Desktop details, the IPMI/KVM works perfectly, and every single time I receive a response, OVH staff state their "technicians" cannot access the server, asking if I have any firewall rules blocking them out.

1) I've tested both SSH and RDP from over 10 different servers/locations, all allowing successful logins
2) There are absolutely no firewall rules blocking off 3389 or 22

I see no reason for the "technicians" to not be able to log-in, nor is there any evidence of even an attempt to connect.

Quite frankly this is unacceptable - can I get someone onto this issue that actually has a clue?

I've been paying Windows Activation license fees during this time even though the key is "invalid" and I'm constantly nagged to activate Windows.

At this point I'm desperate to get this resolved.