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Account validation problem

Edouard OVH
05-03-2015, 11:32

Please be advised of: OVH forum posting guidelines and scope of support

You have to respond to the email that has been sent to you and attach the documents that were requested.

04-03-2015, 16:21
my ovh nichandle is va272616-ovh

and email is :

can you verify me? Sending the documents is pointless i have send them over 20 times since friday and you keep asking to resend them. I saw that if we posted our ovh nichandle you could verify us it goes

04-03-2015, 16:11
Hello sir , i am also an OVH customer , can i give you , and where , my nichandle from ovh so you can verify me via there?

Edouard OVH
04-03-2015, 16:00
Dear Sir,

We cannot retrieve any emails sent by you. we've sent an email to you. Kindly respond to it with the requested documents.


04-03-2015, 05:36
Hello , since friday morning i try to validate my account. I provided all the info you ask for and then you asked me for my ID photo. I provided it too and then i received an e-mail that i should give the documents asked to you! This is insane , i have already sent you all those documents attached to my e-mails more than 4 times already! Is something going wrong with your services? My e-mail is : Please check it since as i have mentioned on my first message on Friday i want to buy your services and i can not!
Account : nichandle: pk41895-sys

Thanks a lot for your time,

Papakonstantinou Konstantinos