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I cant login my sys panel

05-03-2015, 16:14
OK. I've solve the problem.

Here is why i cant login my sys panel (if anyone wants to know)

1- I'm in another county (different then my sys registered country). So system aotumaticlly redirects me to "US" login page.
2- When i change US flag to EU.sys (far right of the screen) everthing works fine and i can login now.

05-03-2015, 16:06
Hi everyone,

I have servers on soyoustart. Today i tried login my sys panel to check servers but system says "invalid user name or password". But I havent change my password or my user name.

I try get new password from "forgot your password?" link but system does not send me new password or link that i can configure password.

Does anyone knows why this happens and how can i solve it?

Thank you.