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Server blocked/hacked

07-03-2015, 21:16
Thanks for replying, i'll do what you suggested me

05-03-2015, 22:40
You'd better contact your SYS support, they will tell you what to do so you can get your server unlocked.

05-03-2015, 21:06

i was connected to my teamspeak3 server when suddenly i got a "connection lost" message. So i went on SYS control panel and found out that my server was blocked/hacked.
With rescue-ftp managed to know that it had been brute forced and they found my teamspeak user password. Obviously, the teamspeak user is the same who's running the teamspeak server.
I know how to fix this problem and i have already contacted the SYS support.
Can i do something else or something faster to get my SSH access back?

Thank you.