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Server Reinstall

08-03-2015, 17:02
Reinstalling via manager will always format you disk, so you will lose your data. However, depending on how much data you want to save, you can backup your data un the external backup OVH includes for SYS & OVH servers, and then restore it after reinstalling.

08-03-2015, 15:51
Theoretically I think you could do this by using custom partitioning and then leaving the 2nd disk unpartitioned, but not something I've tried or would recommend.

If your data is in any way important to you I wouldn't risk it. Much better to backup your data into the cloud somewhere first.

08-03-2015, 11:41
As i have been having issues with my unit i want to reinstall it but preserved my data. I currently have it set up in raid 1 with two 2tb harddisks and i would like to reinstall but i want to make sure if i select solely on disk one for the reinstall, it will not effect anything currently stored on the second harddisk as it is currently in raid one and i am not sure if the process of reinstalling will erase all harddisks. This is because i want to mount the second harddisk once i have reinstall the os on the first harddisk.
Thank you for any information