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SETUP fee vs STAGING fee

17-03-2015, 18:33

thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this complaint.
1. The servers (and/or services) were already submitted to cancellation before Dec 19th, 2014, so I assume on Jan 1st, 2015, there won't be any billing since at the moment, I currently do not have any active services at all. (nothing / no service)

2. So why are you still charging the STAGING FEE of 2 servers? (for 2 x 10 EUR) if I've already submitted a cancellation request over the mentioned 2 servers.? It means that I owe SYS the STAGING fee. So if staging fee is nothing different with SETUP FEE, then why did you launch it? I just wonder if it is a mistake by your billing or this is a misunderstanding of your system

3. According to SYS staff, and I assumed, it is a BILLING MATTERS.

4. But if it is a billing matter, why I was being charged two times: Jan 1st the 20 EUR and then you charged me again on Feb 1st the same 20 EUR. This is really insane. Fortunately on Feb 2nd, I was directly delete my payment method to protect my paypal for being stolen again anymore.

5. I put a chargeback on paypal, after no communication with you for over 1 month (email without responses), and won. And sadly, my account become debt (owe SYS) of EUR 20. How come? Paypal already return me the money, and I didn't owe you anything then (if you read carefully my statement below and the logic within it -the court might see it is a clearly evidence and i collect all of the invoice i've made to you, nothing wrong, staging fees are all there within the staging server and all was paid properly).

6. Until now, the problem still persists. My account are EUR 20 debt. And it is still problem. So guys....if you are on a staging fee and planning to only buy a server for 1 or 2 months, please be careful

EUR 20 is nothing than the business. But this problem has put me some troubles with since I've been paying my servers with them through the same paypal account. They suspend all my servers and said that I can't pay with them anymore (and please go away!). Another insane, because I put 2 chargeback against them through paypal.. What a joke?

11-03-2015, 13:15
right, I've checked your account.

these both servers were let to expire at some point at the beginning of the year.

I can see that ns342735 expired on 2015-02-01, so the recurring setup fee was paid till that date too,

The other server, ns344694, expired on 2015-01-01, but the setup fee was paid till 2015-02-01.

the setup fee was required as the system expected to be paid. But you can contact the International Support ( to see if it's possible to refund that part - though I cannot assure you it would be possible as it's been more than 2 months, but do try.


11-03-2015, 12:56
Quote Originally Posted by moengoet
To me that looks like 2 separate servers so there would be 2 charges

11-03-2015, 10:32
if you want to cancel the server before you've paid the 6 months setup fee, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. but if you want to keep the server, you'll have to finish paying the staggered setup fee.

To be honest, I don't really understand the situation you're talking about. If there is an overcharge of the setup fee, bring it up to the customer support so they can fix it. That's all, it all should be very clear and straight forward. If there is a confusion, just clarify it.


10-03-2015, 17:59

10-03-2015, 16:02
The staff at SYS has just replied me:
No, you aren't owe to SYS if you cancel the server at any time.

So my answer to Ludovic is:
1. Why am I being charged for a service that I'm not suppose to have/use?
2. What is the 20 EUR debt for? Your lowest server spec would cost only for EUR 30 montly per server (there is no relevant to EUR 20).
3. What I've assumed is that EUR 20 is for the STAGING FEE for 2 servers (2 x EUR 10)
4. So your false accusation means you have to fix your billing and not pointing any fault of your system to others, to your clients.

This is the invoice you were charging me (for the service it didn't mean to be, for I have cancelled all of the service with you on time and on schedule) (this is just for SYS reference -i am hiding the password)

I was being dumped by for this false accusation. They forbid me to pay with my paypal's account.
Shame of you guys. ;( WHT is true about you. Bye2

NB: you can delete this thread anyway or anyhow, just to show to others how selfish you are by blaming and pointing your fingers to other.

09-03-2015, 12:06
What I assume are:
  1. Setup fee means that you paid an upfront fee in advanced as a prepayment for setting up servers. Your monthly cost would be normal thereafter.
  2. Staging fee means that you want to minimize the upfront fee (initial cost) by dividing it into monthly basis. So with this staging terms, your monthly cost would be raised a little bit.

Advantage and Disadvantage (hyphotesis):
  1. With a SETUP fee, the total cost for a server, would be reduced. for example, 1 year cost of SYS-IP-1, (30 x12 ) + 50 = 410.
  2. With a STAGING fee, the total cost for a server, would be raised. for example, 1 year cost SYS-IP-1, (40 x 6) + (30 x 6) = 420
  3. The difference would be about 2.4% So I'd prefer a STAGING fee, instead, in my conclusion (for 1 year calculation)

What I just wonder.
If at any time within the period of STAGING (which is 6 months), let say at the second month (after you paid 2 times - 40 x 2 for example), you need to cancel the server, do we owe the STAGING FEE of 10 EUR for the rest of 4 month (10 x 4 = 40) to SYS?