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New Distribution: VMware ESXi 6.0

13-03-2015, 16:42

This morning VMware finally announced the general availability of the ESXi 6.0 hypervisor.

This distribution is now available to install via the OVH API v6 and the Control Panels.

The Release Notes list more than 650 new features for vSphere 6.0.
Here are some of the latest additions to ESXi 6:

- Increased performance
- Increased limits (1024 VM per host, 128 vCPU per VM)
- Addition of pilots for latest generation hardware

For more info, read this morning's official announcement by clicking on this link:

This new version of ESXi is currently in beta, mainly because we've not yet had chance to test it out on the OVH and So you Start platforms. However at first sight it seems that no pilots have been added since ESXi 5.5 for chipsets currently on the market, which means that SyS servers that aren't compatible with ESXi 5.5 won't be compatible with ESXi 6.0 either.

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