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Layer 7 Protection?

14-03-2015, 23:36
OVH don't protect from layer 7 attacks currently, though I do know that it's currently in beta with their 'Game' ranges.

14-03-2015, 23:33
No layer 7 protection on any OVH service, as far as I know. But you can put a firewall on your server so you can block by connection ratio, or by ip/block if you detected some. Or you may improve your web server configuration.

100 Hosting
14-03-2015, 23:27

Can anyone inform more on SYS's layer 7 protection? I know it protects against layer 4 very well. I noticed when it comes to HTTP floods (layer 7) my site goes down in a few seconds. Anyway to get around this?

Thanks to all who reply.