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Thread: What's new? (25th april)

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    What's new? (25th april)


    Here are some news about Ovh:

    - We are preparing the switch of our Redbus customers to our Datacenter1 in Paris. Everything is almost completed for Redbus customer and therefore the first customers visit our DC1 from Monday. Then the transfer of customers will begin. We have to leave Redbus within 3 weeks.

    - The start of the RELOAD range was very violent and stock servers available in 1 hour is not correct. We have a delay in production of about 2 days despite the fact that the server production line runs at 100% of its capacity. We have therefore decided to increase the production working time 2x8h, 6days/7days. New people will join our mounting team from week next (recruitment carried out in Roubaix, no-delocalized ...). We also had to revise the production line to increase the capacity of servers to test. Now we can test approximately 300-400 servers at the same time (stock server in 72H). Next week we will be able to test 1,000 servers. Also we have started a new hosting room (No. 14) one day in advance but one day too late compared the room No. 12, which was full earlier. To sum up, the situation should be resolved early next week.

    - We are currently adding SWAP on the RPS. The USB key of 512RAM will be visible to all RPS probably tonight, maximum Monday. Next week we will start providing the iSCSI v2 and the NFS beta.

    - We are thinking about a larger and closer collaboration with our beta testers and the tests framework. Basically, Ovh evolves quickly and we need a very good feedback from our beta-testers. In return, the offers that are beta-tested by our beta testers would be free for life. There is still much to do.

    - The construction of our backbone in Europe is currently taking shape. After Roubaix / Brussels / Amsterdam we are studying Brussels / Cologne / Frankfurt. Alongside this, we must increase the capacity of the links to Paris and Roubaix from 160Gbps to 320Gbps. Soon, we will start the new points of contact for the OVH network in Europe, so, Madrid, Warsaw, Prague, Milan, Vienna, Zurick. This will allow us to be present on our new peering points and to collect the voice in these countries for the telephony at OVH. Everything will start in May / June with the completion being scheduled for September and October. Indeed, in September, we start working from our new datacentre (DC2) in Roubaix. The datacentre will have a capacity of 100,000 servers and 300Gbps of bandwidth.

    - We believe that the web hosting will be shifted to the current 2008 range in May with some offers simplified and some offers with additional disk space ... great! We have received 300 MGCP phones and we will end the management of the inventory and phone configuration before sending the phones to the customer. If everything goes well, within 3 weeks we will begin Beta testing then quikly move on to production (because it works very well in Alpha).

    - We received 2 new generators which will be configured in less than 3 weeks. In total, we will have more than 8.8MVA deployable from our group. As our infrastructure is changing week by week, so we test the the electricity grids behaviour each week. This means that once a week, we cut out the circuit breaker EDF 20'000V then we control how it goes ... We see the generator that starts managing the UPS to switch the source of energy etc. It's real!

    - 2 months ago we started the reorganisation of the support of The creation of a counselling centre can now manage more than 1,200 emails and 700 phone calls a day for advices about our offers and the functioning of Ovh. With the establishment of the advice support, incident support (historic support of Ovh) has been reorganized and specialized in solving problem within a minimum of time and maximum tracking. We are in the process of change the "support" page on our website to better integrate these reorganizations. The work is not finished. Far from it. We are now at step 2 of the reorganization: the establishment of support for monitoring orders.

    - Next week, on the first SIP offers will be proposed with rates at less than 5Euro (excluding VAT) per month with unlimited calls or by per minute rates with extremely aggressive pricing.

    - The trademark research starts next week. The trademark filer will be ready within 2 days. We will offer trademark research in .com .net .org .info .biz and .fr and .pl .at .es. Customers with the platinum and diamond domain name (french customers only) have this
    research included in the price with a report of the new domain names creation using the trademark.



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    Re: Quoi de neuf ? (25 avril)

    say wha ?

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    Re: What's new? (25th april)

    i hope that this upgrades will extend the range on OVH services to reach more countaries

    thanks for the news ,,,

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    Arrow Re: What's new? (25th april)

    Hi Oles,

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Next week we will start providing the iSCSI v2 and the NFS beta.
    Will the iSCSI update require us to reinstall the OS or will OVH provide an update?

    Can we expect any performance increase with V2 over the current version?

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    We are currently adding SWAP on the RPS. The USB key of 512RAM will be visible to all RPS probably tonight, maximum Monday.
    Does the addition of a swap USB key mean that OVH will now also be providing usb key support for the RPS servers? so that we can order larger USB key's within ManagerV3?
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